About Us

WHAT we do!

We help teams and individuals finding direction and meaning through reflecting their current situation supporting them to work self-determined, make meaningful decisions while empowering them to continuously develop further.

HOW we do it!

We fully digitalize topic based business-coaching processes, tools and methods and offer an easy, user-friendly approach to coaching for teams and individuals through a web-based, intelligent self-coaching chatbot application.

WHO we do it for!

For teams and individuals with a growth mindset!

WHY we use Coaching!

We believe in a holistic people-centered coaching approach where individuals understand and solve problems themselves. We believe the solution is within every individual and coaching can help finding it. The coach role is to lead the individual through a coaching process to reflect on their current situation and finding more clarity.

Our Mission

We support employees and teams in continuously developing themselves further to achieve their personal goals.

evoach leads users from problem to their concrete solution throughout all coaching modules. As a true coaching solution we believe that the solution is within the coachee.
consistent quality standard
Profound coaching processes and methods become available through digitization in a consistent quality standard.
anonymous and secure
What happens in Rome stays in Rome!
fully scalable
With our license packages we can offer coaching in a cost transparent way. Resource bottlenecks only occur on the user side.
anytime, anywhere
Time & location independent. No long appointment determination.
We offer companies an anonymous reporting function. You can see how many coaching sessions have taken place and which topics are currently in demand.

Our Solution

A short glimpse into our conflict reflection module:


Complete Usertestings Done
Companies Testing
Pitches done

Our Team

Rebecca Rutschmann
Rebecca Rutschmann

Gründerin & Business Coach (DBVC)

UX-Kriegerin der Wireframes, Herzkönig der Buchstaben und Bilder & Strategie Wonder Woman

Stefanie Wolz
Stefanie Wolz

Gründerin & Ganzheitlicher Coach

Hohe Priesterin der Resilienz, Königin der Zahlen & Methoden Guru

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